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In Clue, we check all of our clients content three times before it is sent to them. By three different people. This means that it’s three people looking for spelling, three people checking for footage issues, three people seeing if they connect and understand the point of the video and see if they understand the messaging. It’s a vital part of our process as we all see things in a different way and all interpret things differently. Ensuring it
Clue content has an onboarding process that is quick and beneficial for both the company and our clients. The success of the client’s content and our obligations in Clue is dependent on the effectiveness of onboarding clients appropriately.
Graphics and carousels are often something that can get overlooked, they aren’t quite as fun as a trending reel, are they? However, they are still needed (and are also quite dear to my heart as I started in Clue as a Graphic Designer). We all know IG, and other platforms, like it when we use a variety of media types. We should be using photos, graphics, carousels, and video to make the IG algorithm happy. And that is exactly what we do at Clue.
Did you know that 50% of people prefer to engage with videos on different social media platforms? So if there’s more than half of the world (5 billion) who now use social media (62.3%), that’s a very high chance a viewer will land on one of your platforms and view your content.
In Clue, we are heavily data driven. This means that we focus on what the data is showing. Every piece of content the business puts out has a message specific that the brand wants to portray and to target a specific response, such as signing up to our email list.