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Social Media Content Creation

Partnering with visionary brands, pioneering enterprises & thought leaders to create the strategic content that sets you apart.

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Content creation with clue.

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Strategic planning

Together we’ll discuss your core messaging, purpose and strategy behind your social media content. You’ll get a comprehensive 3 month content plan tailored to your unique brand, audience and marketing activities.

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Fuss-free filming

A 2 day shoot at your location (or ours) to capture all the videos and photos that we need to make your strategic content plan a reality. You are fed, watered and relaxed, enabling us to capture the best content possible.

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Data-led delivery​

A full set of strategic content assets delivered to you every single month; including 3 videos, graphics and photos. And the best bit – our unique data analysis system ensures every new creative delivery is tailored based on what performs best for your business.

noun [ pronounced: kloo ] anything that serves to guide or direct in the solution of a problem, or mystery.

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Your clue. team

Unlock the full potential of your brand with Clue — where you gain an entire team of social media and content experts for less than the cost of a single in-house hire.

Our dedicated account managers and a diverse team of strategists, creators, and data analysts work seamlessly to craft and execute bespoke content strategies that not only enhance your online presence but also drive measurable results, ensuring your brand stands out in today’s competitive digital landscape.


Impact of Clue Content

I’d tell you it’s because sometimes you just don’t have the time to put into it. You’re focussing so heavily on dealing with other aspects within your business, that it’s almost impossible to dedicate enough time towards your content for it really to make a significant impact.

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Purpose of different content formats.

In today’s digital world, the way content is consumed varies significantly across different platforms. The format and style of content can have a profound impact on how it interacts with and engages an audience. Whether it’s a long video or a graphic, understanding the nuances of content formats is crucial for effective communication. Clue content makes sure this is done through high-quality content and through the vast majority of content formats.

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Organising a Clue Content filming day

Organising a successful Clue Content filming day involves meticulous planning and coordination. It involves managing a production team, videographers, location, food and drinks for the day and most importantly the clients attending. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure everything runs smoothly, from booking your videographer to wrapping up the shoot.

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Love the idea of clue. as much as we do?


Nowadays it’s easier than ever for anyone with a phone and a video editing app to create content. And with people scrolling for longer and longer, there’s even more eyeballs up for grabs. That means the old ways of social media content creation don’t work for businesses anymore. 


With Clue’s unique, data-led, growth marketing approach to content creation, we’re paving the way for the future of social media agencies – with data and continuous testing. Let us prove what you already know – that organic content can generate growth and ROI for your business.

Clue’s is a content creation studip like no other. With our unique data analysis system we can find a winning content formula with every month of new content we deliver, to generate growth and sales from your audience and keep up with changing social media trends.

Still not sold? Check out our case studies

Yes of course, you don’t have to worry about the camera at all. We pull concepts, script and ideas from our planning meeting and will send you ample notes to prepare beforehand for those who are a little more ito preparation. For those who like to roll with the process we have a list of prompts on the filming day to encourage you to talk to us in a conversational style. But to be honest, once you’ve talked through your first piece we find that you always settle in and know what to say. You’re a pro before you know it!

We understand you and your team are busy, so we aim to minimise the amount of time your team will have to spend away from their desks. We will need one key point of contact who is on hand at all points of the 2 days filming. But outside of that we organise the filming day timings down to 15 minute slots and share these with you beforehand. This includes who we will need and when so that you have a clear understanding of our requirements for your team before we even turn up on set.

On average we will need one hour per day per team member.

Yes every single video is edited and captioned. The lifestyle videos are also set to trending audios to ensure that you really are ready to click and post. We create content videos for Instagram and Tiktok, so we pride ourselves on creating videos that are edited with that in mind and are designed to capture the attention of anyone scrolling past them.

6 months rolling. We operate our content in 3 month cycles but each contract is 2x cycles to be able to get the best ROI for you and your business. So it is an initial 6 month sign up commitment then a rolling 6 month commitment thereafter. You are welcome to cancel at any time but you must see out each 6 month rolling contract.

When you start working with Clue there is a 3 month lead up to your first content delivery. This is to get our planning and filming up to speed to ve able to deliver to you in our unique process. A typical 6 month contract would look like this:

January – Planning

February – Filming

March – Editing

April – Month 1 of content and planning

May – Month 2 of content and filming

June – Month 3 of content and editing

July – Month 4 of content

August – Month 5 of content

September – Month 6 of content