How'd you do that, clue?

Founder-led businesses can’t keep up with the changing pace and increased demand for content. Staying ahead of the competition requires a high quality and quantity of visual content.

The Problem

Founder-led businesses can’t keep up with the changing pace and increased demand for content. Staying ahead of the competition requires a high quality & quantity of visual content.

The Solution:

Quick and easy strategic content creation using Clue’s slick process and unique data-led approach. Get 3 months of content in 3 days for the same price as one person’s salary.

Get on average 100 hours back per quarter from planning & producing social media content

Increase the consistency and quality of your businesses social media marketing

Double your inbound marketing enquiries with Clue’s data-led approach to content creation.

Marketing budget and time spent on content keeps increasing, and it’s hard to see the ROI

Try to produce social media content yourself, hiring social media managers or delegating to junior members of the team and doing your own video production

The content created does not reflect the professionalism or persona of your business

Content creation

Before clue

Start outsourcing to agencies who are expensive with hidden costs

End up spending all your time on social media content; generating ideas, meeting with your team and giving feedback on average quality assets

It feels like you’re not making quick progress towards the results your business needs

Relax, as we track your stats, benchmark them against industry standards and identify improvements.

Come to 1 full day of strategic planning, where we use our proven system to set goals, and develop ideas unique to your brand

Relax, knowing that the Clue team are turning all those ideas into a strategic content plan for three months of content

Content creation

with clue

Post your high-quality content every day for 3 months, and watch as your brand awareness and traffic increases

Relax, knowing that we’re editing all your content and it will be delivered to you fully-formed. All you need to do is click and post

Come to 2 fuss-free days of filming, where we work diligently to capture every piece of video and image content you need

Experts in digital marketing

Meet the clue. team

Our Founder – Inge Hunter

The founder of Clue and the crazy visionary behind Clue’s success. I have been an avid entrepreneur since the age of 17 and have been a voice in Digital Marketing Strategy for the past 6 years.

An award-winning entrepreneur who strongly believes in the captivating way that effective content creation can communicate a company’s strong values, beliefs and mission well beyond what people think is possible.

Fun fact about Inge- Inge can probably perform Hamilton front to back with all the hand gestures! 

clue content inge on set
Ally- Chief Operating Officer.
Emma- Executive Assistant. 'I used to work for Walt Disney.'
Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 16.28.02
Anastasia - Marketing executive. 'I skydived and landed on the Gold Coast beach in Australia!'
Tamsin- Senior Account Manager. 'I can fit two creme eggs in her mouth, chew and swallow them.'
Kayla headshot
Kayla- Account Manager. 'I graduated in a philosphy degree and became a cabin crew for an international airline. I can also do the splits because I trained in modern dance when I was younger.
Pip headshot
Pip- Marketing Executive Assistant. 'I white water rafted down the biggest commercial waterfall in NZ.'
Alison headshot
Alison- Business Development Manager
Maddi- Account Manager. 'I got onto the Apprentice when she was 17 but had to turn it down as she was too young.'

Your Clue. editors

But I don't do it alone...

Chief Operations Officer
Lead Producer
Lead Creative Director
Account Manager
Account Executive
Executive Assistant

Content creation agency

We create 3 months of content for you in 3 days

1 day of strategic planning; 2 fuss-free days of filming and then month by month delivery of your content to help you stay on top of your social media marketing needs.

Choose from our Group or Bespoke service to fulfil your content creation needs in a way that suits you and your business.

Get partnered up with a dedicated account manager and use the Clue team to produce video and still content for all your social media channels, from Instagram to Tiktok to Linkedin.

We focus on creating high quality, strategic content that generates sales for your business; so you don’t have to.

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Love the idea of clue. as much as we do?

Working with Clue has meant every month I know my content is done and ready for me to post as we've spent the 3 days up front to capture everything I need. There is a mix of everything within that – great video, images and graphics that make the marketing of my business easier to make sure I stay consistent.
clue content alex oneil digitastic content
Alex O’Neil
DSC05579 scaled

Chief Operating Officer Ally

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