Leveraging analytics for content optimisation

How often are you looking at your statistics? 

When did you last check them?

Do you have a collecting and recording process to ensure they are recorded? 

Once they are recorded, what do you do with them? 

The reason I am asking this is because it is arguably one of the most important tasks you can do for your business’s content. The date your statistics show you can be a determination of how successful your content actually is. In Clue, we record data WEEKLY so that when it comes to the end of the month, a marketing report can be produced to present to the team to give a more detailed insight as to what is performing well and what isn’t. Data can show you sudden spikes in your content’s performance or where content has not done so well.

How do you know what data you need to record?

Well that is easy. If you want to be increasing reach, focus on the follower increase, growth in non followers, profile visits and website taps. If you want to increase your engagement look at your content interactions, such as likes and comments and the breakdown on post and reel interaction. Already here you will see what % of an increase or decrease you will have gained from your content. 

How do I achieve good results in my data?

Consistency is the key! How often are you posting? Not only the quantity but the quality of your content. Posting 10 times a month, but not having a real point of purpose within the content will not generate successful results and will be a waste of time and resources. This will determine your content strategy. Look at the last piece of content you posted. Why did you post the last piece of content? Was it to educate? Entertain? Emphasise? You need to know what your audience wants, and feed off of it. 

In Clue, the marketing report that is produced at the end of every month is presented and incorporated into future content strategies to make sure we are achieving an increase in successful results. For example, data produced from March content across the business Instagram page in particular, showed that profile visits are increased when content of our founder, Inge Hunter is posted, and specifically the A Roll piece of content. (Interview short video style content) How do we know this? Each reel of Inge generated an increase in profile visits as the data showed higher engagements compared to the month before. We then developed on this and made sure that more content of Inge Hunter was scheduled for the following month. Evidently, after collecting the data and analytics from April, we noticed again an increase in followers and content interaction as we acknowledged that our audience engaged and interacted with the Inge video content, so we gave them more! 

This is a content strategy. This is the content optimisation. Data recording needs to be enforced within companies, especially businesses that want to actually see results. ou can refer to data for future campaigns to build new marketing strategies and repurposing content. It helps with the foundation. When it comes to producing new campaigns you will know from recording previous data, what has worked well before and then possibly repurposing this again.  

In Clue, we enforce this through clients content as well so that their businesses content performs well and really showcases their business and just how amazing they all are! 

If you are struggling with your content or you are stuck and not too sure why content isn’t working, drop us a message to see what we can do for your content! 

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