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Nowadays it’s easier than ever for anyone with a phone and a video editing app to create content. And with people scrolling for longer and longer, there’s even more eyeballs up for grabs. That means your content has to really hit the mark to stand out, or you might as well not be on social media at all.

With Clue’s unique data analysis system, we’re doing content creation the new way – with data and continuous testing. Let us show you how content can generate growth and ROI from your organic social media presence.

Clue’s unique data analysis system means that with every month of new content we deliver, we can find a winning formula to generate growth and sales from your audience. 

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Yes of course, you don’t have to worry about the camera at all. We pull concepts, script and ideas from our planning meeting and will send you ample notes to prepare beforehand for those who are a little more ito preparation. For those who like to roll with the process we have a list of prompts on the filming day to encourage you to talk to us in a conversational style. But to be honest, once you’ve talked through your first piece we find that you always settle in and know what to say. You’re a pro before you know it!

Yes every single video is edited and captioned. The lifestyle videos are also set to trending audios to ensure that you really are ready to click and post. We create content videos for Instagram and Tiktok, so we pride ourselves on creating videos that are edited with that in mind and are designed to capture the attention of anyone scrolling past them.

We have a black book of diverse and interesting locations in Cambridgeshire and pick the best locations based on our clients brand. We categorically avoid using studios because we want all of our clients to stand out and be unique and we don’t want to give them the same backdrop or just use a green screen. So we use a wide range of spaces from private homes to hotels, bars and restaurants, show rooms and event spaces to find the perfect set up for you.

The group service is set in our locations in Cambridgeshire.

If you would like us to come to you then our One to One or Bespoke service would be more suitable. In those services you have the exclusive use of the strategic, production and creative teams and we will come to your locations and work One to One in your office,  factory or location of your choosing.

See up-to-date prices on our Group and One to One service pages. You’ll get a full social media production, strategy and data-led team for the price of one person’s salary. So we can get you the growth you deserve, our contracts are 6 months rolling contracts.

6 months rolling. We operate our content in 3 month cycles but each contract is 2x cycles to be able to get the best ROI for you and your business. So it is an initial 6 month sign up commitment then a rolling 6 month commitment thereafter. You are welcome to cancel at any time but you must see out each 6 month rolling contract.

When you start working with Clue there is a 3 month lead up to your first content delivery. This is to get our planning and filming up to speed to ve able to deliver to you in our unique process. A typical 6 month contract would look like this:

January – Planning

February – Filming

March – Editing

April – Month 1 of content and planning

May – Month 2 of content and filming

June – Month 3 of content and editing

July – Month 4 of content

August – Month 5 of content

September – Month 6 of content

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