Social Media predictions for the rest of 2024

Shift from Attention-Lead Content

The era of quick cuts and high-velocity content, which thrived during lockdowns, is waning. During those times, the intense competition for attention necessitated high-energy, fast-paced videos. However, with more people now spending time on thoughtful, engaging content, the focus is shifting. Longer, more substantive pieces, particularly those that demonstrate thought leadership, are gaining traction. This not only captivates audiences but also significantly benefits businesses by establishing credibility and fostering deeper connections with their audience. This is why Clue  Content emphasises the importance of different content formats.

Rise of Horizontal Content

Horizontal content is becoming increasingly popular. TikTok, a major trendsetter, has introduced horizontal viewing options and is actively promoting this format. This shift is largely driven by advancements in wearable technology. Do you post on TikTok? Imagine the day when we reminisce about having to hold our phones for viewing content. Wearable tech, designed to be worn horizontally across the face, necessitates content in a horizontal format. Typically, videos produced best results regarding reach and engagement, they certainly do in Clue Content and for our clients. As a result, expect a surge in horizontally-oriented videos across all platforms. 

Decline of Written Content

There is a clear move away from written content as videos become the preferred medium for capturing audience attention. Video content not only engages viewers more effectively but also allows for a more dynamic presentation of information. This trend is likely to continue, with more businesses and creators prioritising video over text. 

Authenticity in Video Content

Audiences are increasingly valuing authenticity in video content. Videos featuring real people are seen as more trustworthy and genuine compared to AI-generated content. This is particularly important as the capabilities of AI in content creation continue to evolve. Viewers want to ensure that the content they consume is created by humans, not machines. Consequently, businesses and creators will need to prominently feature real people in their videos to build trust and maintain credibility.

Overall the second half of 2024 will witness a dynamic shift in social media trends, with a strong emphasis on longer, thought-provoking content, horizontal video formats, and authentic human presence in videos. These changes present exciting opportunities for businesses and creators to engage their audiences in new and meaningful ways. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing these trends and adapting your content strategy accordingly.

Watch the video above to see why it is important to keep up with social media and the content creation industry. 

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