Onboarding Process in Clue Content

Onboarding process in Clue Content

Clue content has an onboarding process that is quick and beneficial for both the company and our clients. Being a content creation company means we need to understand clients branding and messaging in order to produce content for them, so getting to know our clients is vital.

The success of the client’s content and our obligations in Clue is dependent on the effectiveness of onboarding clients appropriately. This part is pivotal in the process to ensure we gather the right information, setting the stage for a great partnership by laying down the expectations, foundations and requirements in order for our relationship to succeed.

Our process at Clue.

Client onboarding is akin to welcoming guests into your home; it’s about creating an environment where they feel valued, understood, and supported. The process typically begins with an initial contact or inquiry, where prospective clients express interest in working with us.

Once a client has confirmed and signed up to work with us, the process starts by sending a welcome email with all the key information we have discussed and confirming dates their attendance is required.

The next stage is the dedicated account manager will contact the client to arrange a welcome meeting. At this meeting we will gather key data to not only help us understand our clients needs and goals but also helps us to tailor our services where possible to ensure the clients goals are met.

At the welcome meeting we will collect the following information:

  1. Contact Information: Basic details such as name, email address, phone number, and physical address ensures seamless communication channels.
  2. Personal information: At Clue we like to personalise our offerings as much as possible so we also like to find out the clients favourite sweets, do they drink alcohol, music that gets them motivated and how do they take their tea/coffee? Having all of this information really helps us to tailor and personalise our clients’ whole experience with us.
  3. Background and Objectives: Understanding the client’s background, including their industry, history, and specific objectives, provides valuable context for tailoring our approach to the content creation process.
  4. Current challenges with their content – helps to understand any barriers they have to posting and using content.
  5. Content they like and dislike – helps to ascertain the style and tone of the content they want to create.
  6. Understanding their ideal client – who is the content talking to?
  7. Branding guidelines and aesthetic needs – ensure that any content we create meets the brand and visual requirements.
  8. Set expectations – we go through delivery dates, editing dates and set availability of when they can get hold of their account manager. Additionally we tell them when they can expect contact from us and how the process works.

The Next Stage:

Once the initial onboarding process is complete and all necessary information has been gathered, the journey continues into the next stage of the client relationship. This phase involves:

  1. Detailed Planning session: Collaborating with the client to develop a comprehensive content plan based on the 3 months we are going to create. We scope out all the different mediums of content ready for the filming day!
  2. Clear Communication: Ensure the client has their dedicated account manager contact details and knows how and when to contact them. We also provide clear dates of when they can next expect communication from us.
  3. It then moves on to the next phase which is filming! You can find out more on what happens on filming days through looking at the services and what is included in each package. Click the button below to have a look!


Effective client onboarding serves as a cornerstone of success, laying the groundwork for productive and mutually beneficial partnerships.

By understanding the process, collecting key information, and navigating the next stage we can ensure here at Clue Content that we cultivate lasting relationships built on trust, communication, and shared goals.

But that also the content we create is purposeful, impactful, creative, on brand and meets the clients objectives.

As a social media content creation company, we understand how everything move quickly and how focusing on content marketing is vital for businesses but may not be a main focus for some. In Clue we only need 3 days of your time every 3 months to achieve high quality content which will purposefully share your brand and key messaging.

If Clue content is the service your business needs, drop us a message over on our instagram here or email us over at hello@cluecontent.com to see how Clue can help produce high quality successful content!

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