Navigating Clue client revisions.

navigating client revisions

In Clue Content, we have an internal deadline as to which our editors work towards to ensure completion of content. This is so as a business, we have delegated time (a week) to do internal checks and finalising the content pieces before sending it out to clients ready to post. 

This week leading up to the client delivery, is where all that behind the scene magic happens. After all our talented editors have completed the first version of the monthly content, we will commence our internal checking process. Our team is located all over the place, some Cambridge some Wales but we are always on hand to be content checking ahead of client delivery day.

What does the content checking process look like in Clue Content?

At least 3 of us will take turns in checking. One of which will be their account manager for the client. This is because they know the client. They take the role of being the clients go to person, their best friend. As a business we know how annoying and hard it can be to manage external communications so we make sure each client has a member of the team who is the main form of communication to eliminate this risk. They use their account manager as the person they go to for questions or just to bounce off their amazing ideas. 

Throughout the checking process, Clue content focuses on all the aspects involved in content creation, such as editorial, audio, colour grading and spelling errors in each and every single piece. Especially when it comes to the B-roll, it’s the time that we see our vision come to life, and sometimes it doesn’t work as well as in our mind and few tweaks will be needed. It would normally be fixed by a change of footage or the music, but if it’s necessary we are not afraid of changing the whole concept altogether. The reason behind we have 3 different people checking is that, different people can spot different errors, with multiple perspectives we aim to deliver content with the highest quality possible, and we will do as much checking as needed.

After the final check we will then send the content to our clients for review. Revision and edits will come back, which would be normal especially when it’s the early stage of us working together. We are still getting to know the client and their preferences, receiving feedback is all part of the process. From then we will get to understand more about where we can improve and send the edits back to the editors, do our checking of course, and only deliver the updated content when we are happy with them. 

Sometimes concepts and ideas at the early stages of the creative process don’t turn out how they were envisioned. This is ok. Throughout the Clue process there is always room for editing and new concepts and tweaks. Once a content piece has been created, the account manager may not agree that the piece really represents the client’s message as well as it could, so they may change the whole concept entirely. 

Why is Clue different to other content creation houses? 

This personalisation is why Clue works for so many businesses trying to improve their content. And saves hours and days of time for the client as they don’t need to worry about the filming, creating and editing their content. Clue does it for them.

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