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Let’s talk about trends. What are they? They are constantly changing by the day as new ideas are brought into the mix and shared through various social media platforms. How do you find these trends? Well, that is the job of an Account Manager at Clue Content in which we stay up to date with the dynamic developments in the social media world and sieve through the various creative ideas to find a concept that best suits you and your business. As the Junior Account Manager myself, let me take you through the exciting process that is creating unique content for our clients.

Matching trends with clients brands.

In order to identify the best concept for our client, it is crucial we get to know them and their business. We have the opportunity to sit down with each of our clients and really deep dive into their individual personalities and missions within their businesses. Our initial planning session and creative meeting allows us to really understand your business intentions and goals in order to then create the relevant concepts behind your content. Spending this valuable time with each client allows the Clue team to generate ideas that completely fit within the diverse brands and people we get to work with. After a carefully thought out planning session, just leave it to us to surf our innovative minds and the world wide web to find ideas for content that suits you. Whether it be corporate focused or a bit more playful, the Clue team have got you covered. 

How do we come up with the concepts? 

Let me let you into a little secret, Instagram Reels are my best friend.

There are so many ingenious approaches to content creation out there and I can assure you, everyone’s Instagram discovery page will be full to the brim with them. When looking for concepts for my clients, it always starts with a scroll hole. I surf through the various Reels available until I discover a trend, or maybe a one-off idea, that I think would be perfect for my client’s business image as well as their intended message. Sometimes, video concepts will be perfect, however the audio does not match my clients’ aura. Therefore, another life-saving hack is to investigate the trending audios and find one that compliments the footage effectively. It’s important to experiment with different ideas to produce the highest quality innovative content. I know what will work with which client because I get the opportunity to know them. I spend time with them at planning, and then get to discover who they really are on filming days when working together to create something incredible. 

Once I find a trend, what happens next? 

Once all visionary ideas are confirmed and you, as the client, are satisfied, it’s time for filming! Let’s talk about our amazing filming days! They are days that are designed to suit each clients’ different vibe and create an unforgettable experience, as well as capture all the footage needed for the next 3 months of high quality content. These jam-packed, full of fun and laughter days have been carefully planned out by the Clue team, with each individual client in mind, to ensure all needs are met (including that first drink in the morning). I love spending filming days with our clients, whether it’s taking those in our group packages around Cambridgeshire, or visiting our 1-1 clients around the world. The possibilities for filming are absolutely endless with a team like this. Follow the button below to see our filming day process!

Posting content is all well and good, but without incorporating trends into your content, how will you reach your audience? The answer to this is Clue Content. Our creative approach to content creation allows us to provide you with both quantity and quality that will cause your business to thrive in the online world that is social media. Each idea is shaped to your specific requirements and image to ensure you as the client are repeatedly satisfied with what we produce. And there you have it! Now you know the broad scope of the role as Account Manager for Clue Content.

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