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Hey Team Clue! It’s Tamsin, the Senior Account Manager at Clue Content and the one who gives you a little peek into some of the inner workings of the Clue processes every so often.

Today I’m going to talk to you about our feedback loops…. Or how we do our edits when we receive them from clients.

We’ve talked about how we create content, how we come up with concepts and how we deliver it to our clients, BUT we haven’t discussed what happens when we get feedback from our clients.

Clue team will check all of our clients content three times before it is sent to them. By three different people. This means that it’s three people looking for spelling, three people checking for footage issues, three people seeing if they connect and understand the point of the video and see if they understand the messaging. It’s a vital part of our process as we all see things in a different way and all interpret things differently.

When do we deliver clients content?

We aim to deliver our clients next month of content during the last full week of the month. This means that the client has a few days to look over their content, send us any feedback or edits, and we can complete the edits before the 1st of the month, so they can start posting it immediately.

How do I give the feedback on my Clue Content?

Now, depending on where the client is in their contract will depend on how this happens. If we have a new client and they are having their first ever content drop (the most exciting of all the content drops!) we always try to organise a meeting with them the day after we have sent them their content. This means that we can talk them through each piece of content, talk them through their spreadsheet and also show them their client folder. It’s like a mini tour of their part of our GoogleDrive.

In this meeting we can gain real time feedback from clients and also offer any explanations regarding choices we have made which is invaluable.

If it is a client who has been with us for a while, we tend not to have these meetings, they take a couple of days to review their content and then send one email with their edits in. You can see some previous clients feedback on their Clue Content and their experience with us in the button below. 

What type of feedback does Clue Content get?

Unfortunately, we don’t always get it right with our clients’ content. Sometimes we miss the mark or have chosen something stylistically that the client doesn’t like. It’s unrealistic to think we will always get it right, but what is important is how we deal with these issues.

If the edits are straight forward such as a change in music or wording, we send them straight to our editor or graphic designer and get those changes made. If it’s something that is more involved such as not liking a Broll concept and wanting a new one or not liking how they sound on an Aroll and wanting it changed, then we require more information. Is it the Broll footage they don’t like? Is it the wording? Is it that they don’t like it as a whole? If it’s Aroll and they feel they look awkward? There is a solution to all of these things. With a Broll concept we can come up with a new one, we always ask if there is something the client had in mind and if not then we just get creative! If there is a problem with Aroll for example, the client feels they look uncomfortable then we can transform that into a Broll, by using their audio so the message is still put across and just use a little background music with Broll footage of them.

Either way once the edits have been sent we take the feedback back to our editors and ask them to change what the client has asked for. Sometimes if it’s a footage change, we pick the footage ourselves, if it’s a music change we search for something more to what the client had envisioned or if it’s a caption change we give that to the editors also. We then check the edits and make sure everything is as it should be before sending it back to the client.

Any feedback we get from the client informs us going forward and more often than not the feedback from the client is “I LOVE THIS” which is also really helpful, we can make more of that. We use any and all feedback we get and learn from it so we can make the best content possible for each of our clients.

And that’s it. Nothing too fancy or complicated but a vital part in the process to ensure that all our clients are getting exactly what they want from our content!

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Have a great week!

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