How do you measure and analyse success?

Measure and analyse success blog

Are you tracking your data?

Are you seeing the statistics you want? 

Do you know what your statistics are showing? 

In Clue we measure our analytics across the business and heavily imply being very focused on data driven across the company. If you measure your statistics you can see how well each piece of content performs and use this to produce more content. 

At the end of every month we plan 5 graphics or carousels, 2 b roll videos, 2 a roll and a long form video for each week of the two months ahead. Being two months ahead helps plan and strategically produce content to fit the Clue brand and marketing. 

The main statistics we record from each piece of content is:

Reach – This can be viewed through how many followers and non followers the piece of content had reach and what type of content is being reached more. Can also see how many impressions your content had, such as how many plays. We also record the profile visits and website taps; this helps show what content is leading traffic to the website and what posts attract people. 

Engagement– The number of accounts interacted is what we measure in Clue. So the overall content interactions, which breaks down the reel and post interaction. This can show us how many likes, comments, shares and saves per each piece of content has gained. Through each of these we can see if a viewer then engaged with the profile or our website. 

The engagement and reach are what we determine our success on. Clue is heavily data driven and enforce the importance of following your statistics in your business to develop what works for your audience. If you’re posting 2 graphics a week, when really your audience engage more in your a roll style videos where you can be more informative and direct, then you will not be engaging with your audiences and ideal clients properly and they won’t feel heard. You need to listen to your audience. 

For our clients, we have 6 month contracts as your content won’t produce the results you want to see till you are consistent enough with posting and posting effectively. 

Our clients have actively noticed the difference in the professionalism and consistency through their brand and how they portray and attract consumers. ‘Content is the front cover of your book’.

Are you happy with the front cover of your book?

Here in Clue, we will help provide the results of success in your eyes and help you remain consistent in your brand and messaging, which helps secure loyal and successful sales. Drop us a message over on our Instagram or email us to get in touch!


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