Designing for different platforms

Designing for different platforms.
Designing for different platforms.

Did you know that 50% of people prefer to engage with videos on different social media platforms?

So if there’s more than half of the world (5 billion) who now use social media (62.3%), that’s a very high chance a viewer will land on one of your platforms and view your content.

Is your content performing well? Is your messaging consistent on every platform? If not then, why? You can’t expect to have clients rely on your brand if you’re not reliable in your messaging. Are you clear on what your values and goals are in your brand?

In Clue, we ensure every piece of content has a message and is a key plot in our marketing strategy. For our own content for Clue socials, we treat it like a clients process in Clue and plan three months ahead. This enables room for alteration and tweaking of any content or blogs we have planned.

Weekly content pieces.

10 pieces of different content types, both video and written content-

  • 1 long from video content
  • 2 A roll video content (one from a team member and one from founder)
  • 1 B roll video content
  • Graphics
  • Carousels 


2x blog a week

  • How’d you do that Clue (this blog) and a blog from the founder blog.


1 weekly newsletter-

  • Give us a Clue; Full of guidance and tips on how to do content creation and how we work in Clue.


Instagram stories:

  • Everyday we have a task to do in stories to help increase engagement and visibility. For example, Mondays we go into the Clue Instagram and tell everyone what our tasks for the day are. This shows an insight to a day in the Clue office and what different team members roles consist of.


This means there is two pieces of content a day, every week. Each piece of content has a message behind it and a purpose as to why it’s being posted. Graphics are selected to entice and inform readers and so we follow 5 pillars to ensure this is done.

Our content pillars are:

  • One testimonial- To showcase what our Clients think of Clue.
  • One selling graphic- To promote the business and how amazing it is! (Obviously)
  • One statistic- To grab readers attention.
  • One helpful post- How to do this, top tips for that etc. (this is the good stuff you will find in our email so make sure to sign up)
  • One quote- Taken from a team members a roll video to show how Clues processes work.


Every piece of content we produce gets posted on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok. Yes instagram is our main platform and where we find most of our clients, but doesn’t mean other platforms are any less important. Utilising each platform ensures your messaging is consistent and if any new audience was to land on any of your social platforms, they would know who Clue is and what Clue does. 

In our monthly planning meeting, we break each week down. Within each week we have a theme. This helps steer the content in the right format that will portray the messaging effectively. For example one week in Clue, we had the theme of ‘The future of social media’ so myself, the marketing executive and our founder Inge both produced 5 video concepts and 5 graphic concepts and then selected appropriate blogs to write during this week which aligned with the theme. A graphic for example was ‘Why you will get left behind if you don’t focus on your content’ and a video concept would’ve been footage of clients laughing, setting up for filming, having their make up done and then text written on top talking about how advanced social media and technology has become.

So this is all an insight as to how we design different content for different platforms in Clue. It is a key understanding to have the structure and plan in your business so you know what your content strategy is and how you will show messaging throughout this content.

Do you need help and planning sessions to help develop your designs for your social media platforms? In Clue, we hold the planning sessions for our clients so they can get creative and also be held accountable for the content of their brand. If you need this structure and plan for your business, get in contact or enquire here to see if you’re ready for Clue!

We create 3 months of content in 3 days