Content strategy for Clue Content

Content strategy for clue

Being a content creation company means that our values, branding and messaging have to be aligned and consistent across all marketing channels.

Clue marketing has to be effective if we want to try and promote ourselves as a content creation company, that other businesses rely on for high quality content. No one is going to want to work with a content creation company that has one post a week and is awful quality. We vouch for the importance of content and being consistent, so we must portray this ourselves.

When Clue comes to planning the content for the business, we treat it like we do with clients’ content. The content creation process involves the marketing exec and founder storming up ideas. Then the marketing exec takes responsibility to delegate to editors who will create these ideas and bring them to life. They use their amazing creativity skills to make the best transitions and effects by piecing footage together. This footage includes team filming days and clients behind the scenes from Cambridge filming days.

It all starts with a planning meeting, the holy grail for content. Without planning there is no foundation for successful compelling content. Almost like having a cheesecake without the biscuit bottom (arguably the most important bit of the cheesecake.) So for the foundation to be successfully built, we first have to get clear on our objectives.

Content planning:

First things first, the objectives for the content. In Clue, we structure the planning a bit differently, where we have a theme for each week in the month we are planning for. This is so that we can have specific messaging through the content. This will give us an extra source of data being produced as we can see from data which content performs best from what theme.

Content analysis/optimisation:

After establishing clear objectives and themes for the weeks, research occurs to understand what content has worked best and see what audios, concepts, video transitions etc can be intertwined with content. This is so that it can show off the brand but also show how amazing Clue content actually is. Analysing the performance of existing content will demonstrate strengths and weaknesses in the business content.

Content Distribution:

Once content ideas are produced and established like what theme it fits in, what the key messaging is or what type of content, then it will be put into the ClickUp software which is what the business uses to ensure efficient project management. Finally, then will assigned and distributed to selected editors and a due date is selected.

Content reviewing/scheduling:

Eventually the content is created. Revisions and alterations are made (if needed) such as spelling corrections or alternating reel concepts. After all this, it is triple checked. Scheduling of content can happen using a scheduler to make sure content is being posted and enforces consistency throughout social media platforms. We also have scheduling as an add on service for our clients with certain Clue packages. 


Content recording:

Finally, as content is being churned out in the well-oiled machine that is Clue, statistics and insights are recorded. This is an essential part of our approach to content strategy because this is how you understand how your content is performing. If you are posting the same piece of content such as a reel for 3 months, why? Do you know if this is working? Is your stats evidently proving this? You can use stats and insights from previous months or campaigns to then base your content strategy off.

For example, if you know A-Roll style videos work regarding increasing engagement such as more likes, then repurposing this type of content and producing more of it, will increase your engagement.

In Clue, we focus on our content stats as it’s the key evidence to support how Clue changes a business’ content quality and professionalism.  It helps to continue to produce a content strategy and we heavily advise our clients to keep track and watch their content skyrocket as they start posting their own Clue content.

Clue will ensure that consistent high-quality content produced will produce the ideal insights
that people want to see from a growth engagement level. 

Want to find out how we produce such high-quality compelling content? Get in contact via our Instagram here or drop us an email at to have a chat to see how we can work together.

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