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It’s me, Tamsin – Senior Account Manager for Clue, once again and today I want to chat about the content concept process and how we go from a Creative client meeting all the way through to production and delivery.

Every client that works with us will have a creative meeting, often in the initial stages after starting with us, but a good example of our creative process is when a 1:1 client is having a promo video made.

Where to start? 

All our clients (group or 1:1) will have a planning meeting every 3 months,  where we strategically sit and map out their content for the coming months. Some of our 1:1 clients have a promo video made for them and this is conceptualised in the creative portion of their planning meeting.

We discuss what they want the promo video to be for, the aim and purpose, their messaging, what feel/vibe they want, and if they have an example of something they would like to use as inspiration.

Clue Content Example

A fun example of this is a Clue client who works in the hospitality industry and they wanted their promo video to be for the new course they were releasing. We discussed the brief in their planning/creative meeting, and we then went away to start our research.

We knew the client wanted to have a very “Masterclass” vibe to the promo video (think The Art of Negotiation trailer) and once we had that concept, we went away and wrote the skeleton of a script. We storyboarded what each act of hospitality would be, how we would represent it, what effects we wanted in post-production so that if an editor read the concept, they would clearly be able to visualise what we wanted.

Once this was written we sent this off to the client to ensure they were happy with the idea, and that they felt we had met the brief, which they were (excellent news). We then moved into planning and booking our location, finding something that would match the vibe for the client and meet the brief.

How does this help bring the concept to life? 

Having such a written script and concept helped the filming team on the day capture all the relevant content and helped the videographers visualise what the end product was meant to look like. This ensured they captured footage and used settings on their cameras that meant we could change footage to slow motion in post production, add a speed ramp in…. all sorts of cool effects. The filming crew found the perfect location and set the stage for our Masterclass masterplan and got to work.

Post filming all the footage is sorted and organised by the team, and we have a meeting with the editor to clearly articulate what we require (even though they already have the brief and script) and they get to work editing the footage using the example provided.

There are normally multiple drafts created of promo videos. The editor will create the first draft and send it to the account manager. This process is the same with any piece of content, we check, check and check again. Edits will be given until the account manager is more than happy with what has been created. This will then be sent on to more senior members of the team who will check the work and give their own edits and feedback.

Once everyone is happy, our final draft is sent to the client to check. If they have edits or feedback then we make the relevant changes and then send the final product off to the client for them to use to promote the aspect of the business (and in this example their hospitality course) the video was made for.

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