Clue Contents graphic design process

Our graphic design process in Clue.

Hi everyone! My name is Tamsin, and I am the Senior Account Manager at Clue!

My role is super focused on all things creative and so whenever you hear from me get ready to learn about all our creative processes at Clue and hopefully learn a little along the way.

Today I’m going to talk to you about our Graphic Design Creative Process.

Graphics and carousels are often something that can get overlooked, they aren’t quite as fun as a trending reel, are they? However, they are still needed (and are also quite dear to my heart as I started in Clue as a Graphic Designer).

We all know IG, and other platforms like it when we use a variety of media types. We should be using photos, graphics, carousels, and video to make the IG algorithm happy. And that is exactly what we do at Clue.

So where do we begin……

With a creative meeting of course! As a client with Clue, you are onboarded and will send us your branding guidelines (we can’t do anything without these) but as part of your first content planning meeting you will discuss your creative vision with your account manager. You’ll have a chat about how you want your socials to look, the kind of photos you would like, what you want your graphics and carousels to look like, what music you enjoy and resonates with your ideal client, if there is any sort of Broll footage you prefer, what sort of captions you want…

We cover it all and this is where the creative process begins. Now, we are not a branding company, so we won’t rebrand you, but we will make you some amazing content that aligns with your current socials and your vision for the future of your socials. Some clients want us to replicate exactly what is already on their IG, others want us to have creative freedom (within brand guidelines) and are happy for us to have a play and come up with a few different templates to use and draw upon.

We also have some clients who haven’t even started their businesses IG page and, in that instance, they send us examples of what they would like to have, the vibe and the feel they would like from their graphics and carousels and we use those examples, creating something that fits. Normally clients have anywhere between 4 and 6 different templates that we rotate for their graphics and carousels which ensures their followers recognise their content and stop their scrolling to read what you have said.

Once we have discussed all of that, we send your brand guidelines and ideas off to our graphic designers and let them get to work creating! However, how do we know what to say on your graphics and carousels? Well, all of that comes from your planning meeting. There is nothing written on your graphics and carousels that has not come from your brain!

The key thing to remember is that graphics are normally a punchy one liner, something that may be slightly controversial or something that will grab scrollers attention, whilst carousels are more educational and will add value to your follower’s day. So, during your initial planning meeting we write down everything you say, and pick out these punchy one liners and educational, valuable quotes and these become your graphics and carousels.

Our graphics designers take all this information and make your wonderful content which is then checked by me or one of our other account managers before it is given the Okay!

We ensure it fits with your brand guidelines and your vision, that there are no spelling or grammatical errors, that it all makes sense, and then we send them on to our wonderful clients to use.

So that’s it.

Our creative process with Graphic Design, how do you create yours? Do you need some prompts to help start producing your content?

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