Behind the scenes of a Marketing Campaign in Clue Content

Behind the scenes blog

Clue Content are heavily data driven. Being a social media content creation agency, we cannot produce successful content and effective marketing strategies if we are not looking at the statistics.

This means that we focus on what the data is showing us. Because that is where the evidence is based. Every piece of content the business posts out has a message specific that the brand wants to portray and to target a specific response, such as signing up to our email list.

Why track your data?

Tracking the data in the business allows future campaigns to be developed on what has proven to work or not work so well. Myself, the marketing executive in Clue has witnessed and been a part of many campaigns and planning in Clue. So I’m going to use this blog to talk about the launch of our recent email ‘Give us a Clue’.

Let’s break it down into the process of the campaign through understanding each step within. 

Team involved- So firstly the founder Inge, always buzzing with new ideas and new ways to show off the company, wanted to change the whole new weekly email and what was included. Evidently, viewers loved all the information and guidance involved in the email so Inge thought of a new layout that incorporated all this and more! Now to execute this. 

Making plans a reality.

Research is done such as new AI tools, content prompts for the audience to use and trending audios in which can help readers produce more content ideas. Now the marketing exec is responsible for the emails and making sure they are actually sent out! We are all very busy in Clue and so I am the one to make sure this happens, otherwise it could get forgotten about.

Planning- Every month, myself and Inge plot the key themes and content we want going out. Last time we did this with a glass of rose and at 9 o’clock at night and it was AMAZING! This then helps us tailor the content so it’s specific and consistent in messaging. For example, on the week where the theme is ‘the Clue team’, we came up with concepts and footage that we could use to show this messaging. There is no point posting for the sake of posting, it won’t achieve successful engagement and ultimately not portray your business in the best way.

Once we have the plan, it is then plotted it into our project management software we use in the business named Click up and then delegated to editors.

Ensuring they’re clear of text, footage locating, key audios or concepts and due dates for completion. Managing commutation with editors and ensuring they are using hey creativity in every crafted piece of content (because they really are the best at coming up with content ideas)


Now that we have the content sorted and put into our scheduler, we can start to include it into the email and use as part of our marketing strategy. Just like the blogs and the weekly riddles (where you can win some sweeties of course) within the business.

We have 2 blogs going out weekly, this one ‘How’d you do Clue’ where our Clue team members write the blog to give an insight on the processes and brains behind Clue. And we have the ’Insights and knowledge blog’ sharing tips and tricks from our founder Inge. These are added into the email to give guidance and insight to our readers.

Research- Included in the email we have trending audios: to help spark some inspiration to our readers, flick stats: so you can compare to other businesses your size, content prompts: for the days where you don’t know what the hell to post and a new AI tool to test out! This is all researched weekly to be updated and make sure our audience have the most effective help and guidance when producing content strategies.

Producing- And then we piece it together! When we first launched our newsletter, content was geared and planned to be portraying the CTA of signing up to the email list. This included stories asking to sign up and reminding what it includes and to get involved in the weekly challenge- this was the USP because who doesn’t love a challenge and a chance to win prizes! We knew what in the previous emails worked well because we record ALL our statistics (which is important but we will mention this next) so that evidently we know how to successfully produce compelling content. 

Why are statistics important? 

Recording- During the launch, we recorded people who were showing interest and using these cold leads as targets to sign up to the email list. Viewers aren’t aware but we see the silent watchers! And that is how the campaigns are created. Recording data weekly in the business such as the engagement through our social media like the likes and comments or who are interacting with our stories, will help us understand what content is being interacted with and so we can produce more of this.

Launch- Once we launched, recording open rates and click through rates showed us what people view and like the best in the email, and therefore we can produce other content ideas from this and target these people who interact with this segment of the email.

Stats, stats, stats- I may have mentioned the word 100 times but it needs to be embodied into the brains of business owners who want to effectively launch a campaign. Record everything! For the benefit of future campaigns, record stats so you can use previous data to determine your plan and how you approach your next campaign. You can also alter current campaigns if specific content or strategies aren’t working!

If you want trending audios, content prompts, tips and advice, an insight to how Clue works, blogs and a chance to win some challenges, sign up to get the weekly newsletter here!

So that’s a bit of a ramble on the behind the scenes of a marketing campaign we have launched in Clue. If there’s anything to takeaway from it, it’s to look at your stats throughout your business campaigns.

Clue can help produce content so that your business develops the stats you want to be seeing in your business, if you want this for your business, drop us a message and let’s get talking!

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