What did the CEO of Clue Content get up to this week?

Hey everyone,

This week has been fantastic, and I’m convinced it’s all thanks to the sunshine!

I have this theory that when it’s gloomy, everything just feels off. While I’ve never been diagnosed with SAD, I definitely feel the impact of seasonal changes on my mood. But with the sun shining bright, everything seemed to fall into place beautifully.

Client Day and Team Bonding

I spent a lot of time with clients this week, and we even had a special Client Day. It’s always great to connect with them on a more personal level outside of the usual work environment. As a team, we also indulged in a fantastic bonding activity – watching the Trinity May Ball fireworks in Cambridge.

If you’ve never experienced it, the Trinity May Ball is one of the most spectacular events in the world. They spend millions on the fireworks, and the display is simply breathtaking. This year’s show started with fireworks set to the 007 theme song and ended with “Mr. Brightside.” Every time I watch those fireworks, I’m filled with a sense of achievement and joy. It’s a grounding experience that reminds me how far we’ve come and how much we’ve achieved.

Exciting Tech Developments

Big news on the technology front – we’ve decided to begin controlled beta testing for our predictive marketing technology. This is a huge milestone for us as we’ve been working on this for almost a year. Starting at the end of July, we’ll begin onboarding people to test our tech.

Our predictive marketing technology is designed to revolutionize the industry. We have some fascinating individuals lined up to test it, and I can’t wait to see the results. Essentially, we’ll create all the content for these beta testers over six months, using our machine learning technology to manage data analysis and ideation. The content itself will still be human-made, but the underlying processes will be driven by our tech.

If the results are positive, which we’re confident they will be, this technology will have a significant impact on our clients’ bottom lines. We’re offering this beta testing at £1200 a month plus VAT from August to January. If you’re interested in joining, now’s the time to get on board!

The video below explains the Tech in more detail!

Content Production and Documentary News

Our team has been working incredibly hard, and it’s paying off. We’re producing between 700 and 1,000 pieces of content every month, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re on the brink of delivering our first-ever documentary, with a first look set to go out next week. The anticipation is killing me, but I’m so excited to see how it’s received.

Even more exciting, we’ve already started filming a second documentary series. Considering we’re only in our second year of business, this feels like a massive achievement.

Sunny Outlook

All in all, it’s been an exciting and productive week, and I’m sure the sunny weather has a lot to do with it. Here’s to more sunshine and more success!

Thanks for following our journey. Stay tuned for more updates!


Inge Hunter
Founder & CEO, Clue Content

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