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Hey everyone,

What an incredible week it’s been! I’ve been darting across the country, and it feels like I’ve lived a month’s worth of experiences in just seven days. Grab a cuppa, and let me walk you through it all.

Monday Madness in Chester

Monday started with a bang. I headed to Chester for a meeting with a potential client in the biotech sector. The energy in that meeting was electric. It always amazes me how innovative the biotech industry is, and I’m thrilled about the possibilities of working together.

In the evening, I switched gears completely and did a training session for The Growth Club, a group of flower farmers. We talked all about content planning. It’s been ages since I did an online training session, so I was a bit out of practice. But once I got going, it all came back to me, and I was buzzing with ideas to share. I must’ve talked their ears off!

Tech and Hospitality in Liverpool

On Tuesday, it was off to Liverpool for a hospitality conference. I spoke on a panel about how tech can supercharge marketing in the hospitality industry. It felt so good to be back on stage, sharing insights and connecting with fellow professionals. The audience was super engaged, and I had a queue of people wanting to chat afterward. One of the standout conversations was with a rep from Visit England – such exciting potential there. Plus, I had some other great meetings, including one with a heritage company that got my creative juices flowing.

Nostalgic Wednesday at Anglia Ruskin

Wednesday was a trip down memory lane. I went to Anglia Ruskin University, where I studied business management and marketing while running my cocktail bar. They invited me to be on a peer review panel discussing how to better support student entrepreneurs. It was surreal to be back, especially now as a seasoned entrepreneur. I didn’t find university particularly helpful back then because I was already running a business, but it was interesting to see how they’re evolving.

Client Success and TV Fame

One of the week’s highlights was seeing one of our clients featured in a Channel 5 documentary called “The Motorway Hotel.” Watching her team shine on TV was such a proud moment. She’s worked tirelessly on her PR, and it’s paying off in spades. It reminded me of my early days hustling to get noticed – those moments of recognition mean everything.

Networking Extravaganza

Wednesday also involved some networking madness. I attended a speed networking event at St John’s Park aimed at college students. It’s always exciting to scout for new talent. Later, I headed to London for drinks and dinner with our CTO and her peers. I also met with one of our fantastic clients to discuss a documentary project we’re working on. These face-to-face interactions are so vital, even if they leave me completely wiped out.

Unexpected Day Off

By Thursday, my body decided it had had enough. I was supposed to go to a tech networking event in Peterborough and a cinema launch in the afternoon, but I just couldn’t. After dropping the kids off at school, I went home, crashed on the sofa, and slept until 2 PM. Sometimes, you just have to listen to your body and recharge.

Friday’s Flurry and Cambridge Pride

Friday was all about meetings. I had a fascinating discussion with a talent manager for a TikTok influencer, which sparked some great ideas. Later, I dove into a board meeting where we reviewed our recent internal funding round and mapped out upcoming marketing and sales activities. It’s always satisfying to see our plans taking shape.

On Saturday, I attended Cambridge Pride as an invited guest. I took Maddie, one of my team members, and we had an absolute blast. It was a whirlwind of colour, fun, and incredible conversations about potential marketing collaborations. It was the perfect end to a jam-packed week.

So, that was my whirlwind week. Full-on, but incredibly rewarding.

Thanks for keeping up with our journey. I can’t wait to share more next time!


Inge Hunter
Founder & CEO, Clue Content

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