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Partner with Clue. for podcast production that transcends typical broadcasting, focusing on strategic growth and enduring content value that increases listenership per episode not just your podcast episode number!

What does Clue Podcast services do?

Amplify your voice and extend your reach with podcast production services. 

Tailored for thought leaders and visionary brands, we focus on producing high-quality podcast series that not only engage but grow your audience over time.

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Why podcast at Clue.?

At Clue., we’re more than just producers: we’re your strategic partners in building a podcast that resonates deeply and endures. We believe in creating fewer episodes of high quality paired with continuous, strategic promotion to enhance listenership and open up new opportunities for your brand. 

We focus on producing successful podcasts that strategically increase listenership per episode rather than churning out a high quantity of episodes in the hope of more listeners the more podcasts you record.

Designed for those looking to make a lasting impact in the podcasting space.

Planning Sessions: 1 day of intensive strategy formulation, content structuring, and logistical setup to perfectly align with your branding and messaging objectives.
Recording Days: 3 days every series to capture pristine audio and video, ensuring each episode meets our high-quality standards. Environmentally adaptive recording setups that mirror your brand's aesthetic and ethos.
Expert editing to polish each episode, making every moment count. Creative production of eye-catching thumbnails and engaging sound bites to captivate potential listeners. Short promotional videos tailored for social media to sustain engagement and attract new subscribers. SEO-optimised show notes crafted to boost discoverability and listener engagement. Streamlined uploading process to major podcast platforms and YouTube, maximising your reach.
Episodes: 10 meticulously produced podcast episodes, designed to make a significant impact. - Digital assets including custom thumbnails, promotional videos, and detailed show notes for each episode.
- Optional ongoing promotional support to keep your series in the spotlight long after initial release. - Dedicated client support from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and rewarding production experience. - On-set comforts such as make-up, meals, and beverages to keep you and your team energised.
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Podcast Production Packages

What's included- Standard Offer

Why the standard podcast package?

The Podcast Standard Offer is designed with a focus on quality, consistency, and strategic planning, this package ensures that your podcast series stands out and engages your target audience effectively.

This package is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong presence in the podcasting space and engage their audience with high-quality content and strategic promotion.

Pricing £14,500 per series

What's included- Premium Offer

Why the premium podcast package?

The Podcast Premium Offer is a comprehensive podcast production package designed for businesses and individuals seeking to elevate their podcasting efforts to the next level. With a focus on professional-grade production, strategic planning, and extensive promotional support, this package is ideal for those looking to maximise their podcast’s impact and reach.

This package is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to elevate their podcasting efforts and maximise their impact in the podcasting space through professional-grade production, strategic planning, and extensive promotional support.

Pricing £20,000 per series

Additional Services:

Custom Content Creation:

Tailored content such as special episode features, guest acquisition, or unique promotional campaigns priced according to client specifications.

On-demand Consultation and Strategy Development:

Available at an additional cost for clients who require extra strategic input or special sessions outside of the scheduled production times.

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Podcast FAQs

Focusing on fewer episodes allows us to optimise each one for quality and impact, ensuring your message not only reaches but resonates with your audience, thereby increasing long-term engagement and loyalty.

Our unique approach combines top-tier production with ongoing strategic promotion, maximising your podcast’s potential for growth and impact well beyond its launch.

While we handle all the technical details, your insights during the planning and recording phases are invaluable in capturing the essence of your brand.

We work on a 3 month cycle for your series.

Month 1 is planning & discovery.

Month 2 is recording.

Month 3 is reserved for editing.

Your podcast will be ready for launch at month 4 of working together, complete with all promotional materials for a powerful debut giving you ample time for a planned and strategic launch of the series.

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