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3 months of content in 3 days

Just give us three days of your time, and we’ll give you 3 months of content. Yes it really is that simple.

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1x planning day

2x filming days

3 months of content

Our unique approach to social media content creation

Our unique approach to content creation means that we can stay close to your core messaging, keep ahead of changing trends and deliver strategic and data-led content assets.

All while you keep up with posting out a piece of content every working day of the week.

Month 1

Strategy and Planning

1 full day strategy session with you to map out your messaging, focus and creative direction for the 3 months of social media content that we create.

Month 3

You schedule and post

You are provided with your strategic plan mapped out to the day. With each concept and content asset ready for you to click, review, download and post every single working day of the week.

Month 2

Fuss-free filming

2 days of filming in your location (or ours) to capture on brand video and photo assets for our Clue team to turn into your content assets.

Month 3

We edit and organise

We work behind the scenes to edit and pull together every single video, photo and graphic for your strategic content plan in a brand focused way. Including editing style, grading, music and video captions.

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Our ethos


Highly creative approach to producing your content and creative ways of communicating your businesses core messaging.


Working with businesses who just love what they're doing and we love communicating that for them.


Unique approach to content creation to ensure you can keep up with high quantity and high quality without sacrificing on either.


We encourage you to create, post and test to ensure data-led decisions in a constantly evolving marketing landscape. We don’t sit by idly.

Our unique approach

To deliver unique content to you, your business will meet and interact with: a strategic marketing associate, a producer, a creative director, an account manager, a videographer, a photographer, a graphic designer, an editor, a social media manager and a data led marketing executive. All through our super slick Clue content creation process, making social media marketing as easy as possible for you and your business with our comprehensive services as a marketing agency for social media.

When you work with Clue, you’re partnering with a top-tier content marketing agency who cares as much as you do about elevating your brand’s online presence through strategic content creation.

Your clue. team

Get a full social media production, strategy and data led team for the price of one person’s salary.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who studies your company inside and out and is there for you through the whole Clue process. They help you plan, film and deliver your content. Not to mention you’ll have a full team of experienced people at your disposal – including experienced Tiktok and Instagram videographers & digital marketing strategists.

The types of content we create

This is social media content creation the growth marketing way. We make sure that you have the tools, the content and optimisation loops to post high quality, on brand, on message social media content every day of the working week, to generate maximium reach and  ROI for your business.

Short form Reels and TikTok videos

This could be a conversational video based on your core values, message and approach in your business to connect with your audience.

Long-form videos for social media

This could be an education based video, similar to a youtube video or vlog that focuses on engaging your followers in an authoritative way.

graphics and Instagram Carousels

This could be an educational carousel, a ‘poster’ for your business, quote, and more!

Beautiful images

Photo of you and your team, you, your services, or products to focus on the aspect business that you want to strategically highlight.

Written articles

Thought leadership and educational articles for you post on your website or LinkedIn. 

News-jacking content

Reactive content in any form that talks about up-to-date  news pieces or trends. 

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