Tools and softwares used in Clue Content.

tools and software

Every business has different systems and processes within and for Clue Content, we have multiple. All of which benefit the team and the workflow in different ways. In the fast-paced world of content creation, having the right tools and software is crucial to maintaining efficiency, creativity, and seamless communication. At Clue Content, we understand that every piece of content we produce requires a collaborative effort and meticulous attention to detail. That’s why we’ve carefully selected a suite of tools that cater to different aspects of our workflow, from internal communications and task management to file organisation and editing.

Each software plays a unique role in ensuring that our team operates smoothly and that we consistently deliver high-quality content to our clients. It is important to understand how the internal communications work just as much as the external comms. In Clue Content, we use a software for task management, a software for internal comms, a software for editing and a software for management of documents and files.

Let’s break this down-

Slack -Internal communication. 

  • We loveeee Slack. It is how we communicate and manage workload within the team. It is effective in the way we can access different channels for different projects/ tasks/ departments within the business and therefore manage the workload and ability to converse effectively.

Google drive- File and document management.

  • The absolute essential for Clue Content, especially being a content creation company the amount of footage we capture and have to upload is an insane amount. So we use Google drive to manage what footage and client information such as their content plans. (Only the team can internally access files related to clients such as their plans) We have folders such as ‘Exhibitions’ and ‘Clue Social content’ where the team can access and share with editors for them to use and create some amazing content for our clients and for our Clue Content social platforms!

Click Up- Task Management.

  • Every. Single. Task. Is managed on this software. Each piece of clients content is made into a task in which the team and editors can access to see when it is due, who its assigned to and an allocated description section so account managers can converse with editors and communicate their client concepts for their content in even more detail!  This means that the risk of client information and losing content is a risk that’s eliminated as everything is tracked and recorded as a task. ClickUp’s comprehensive task management system ensures that all aspects of a project are accounted for and that deadlines are met efficiently.

Adobe Premier Pro- Editing tool

  • The ultimate weapon for content creation. Where there concepts come to life. Our editors use this to create the final content pieces through colour grading, adding captions, making sure clients branding is aligned or adding specific B roll in. PremierPro is used to craft each individual piece of video content so that it is compelling but also captivating and has a point to the content piece. 

Canva- Editing tool

  • The tool we use to create graphics, carousels and thumbnails. anva’s user-friendly interface and extensive template library enable us to produce professional-looking graphics quickly and efficiently, making it an invaluable tool for our content creation process. Designed to fit each clients brand and fit the messaging so that is shows off the businesses brand in the best possible way.


These are just a few of the essential tools and software that power Clue Content, helping us to create, manage, and deliver top-notch content for our clients. By leveraging these technologies, we streamline our workflow, enhance our creativity, and ensure effective communication across our team. Do you use any of these tools in your content creation process?

If not, we’d love to hear about the tools and software that keep your operations running smoothly. Share your favourites with us and let’s discuss how we can all improve our content creation strategies together.


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