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In today's digital world, the way content is consumed varies significantly across different platforms. The format and style of content can have a profound impact on how it interacts with and engages an audience. Whether it's a long video or a graphic, understanding the nuances of content formats is crucial for effective communication. Clue content makes sure this is done through high-quality content and through the vast majority of content formats.
How often are you looking at your statistics? When did you last check them? Do you have a collecting and recording process to ensure they are recorded? Once they are recorded, what do you do with them?
All our clients (group or 1:1) will have a planning meeting every 3 months, where we strategically sit and map out their content for the coming months. Some of our 1:1 clients have a promo video made for them and this is conceptualised in the creative portion of their planning meeting.
Let’s talk about trends. What are they? They are constantly changing by the day as new ideas are brought into the mix and shared through various social media platforms. How do you find these trends?